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Drive Good Car Guide

Each year, Drive journalists assess more than 500 new cars and every year, approximately 40 of those are given the honour of being nominated in the annual Drive Car of the Year awards.

After five days of rigorous back-to-back testing, on a racetrack and on the open road, the Drive team selects one winner in each category; the vehicle that measures up against Drive's strict criteria for excellence.

While all winners are the best in their class, one car is the first among equals - the one that offers the best overall package. It is given the prestigious award of the Drive Car of the Year.

The Drive team have complied a complete review of the 13 category winners from 2006 to present, ranging from $15,000 city runabouts to $200,000 luxury vehicles.

The result? The Drive Good Car Guide is the most comprehensive guide available for car buyers to suit every taste and budget.